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Ripper Street Season 1

Whitechapel,1889. It is some months since Jack the Ripper last struck but, when another young woman is found slain with 'Down on Whores' daubed on a nearby wall, the supposition is that he has returned. Tough inspector Reid,however,forces journalist Fred Best to confess he added the paintwork to perpetuate interest in the Ripper. American police doctor Jackson agrees that this is a different murderer and,through his friendship with brothel keeper Long Susan,finds that the victim,Maude Thwaites,was a married woman who posed for pornographic photos to support her unemployed husband Christian. Reid and his sergeant,Drake,save Christian from intruders but he later kills himself. Surviving an attempt on their lives Reid,Jackson and Drake are given a lead which takes them to their murderer - a man with an unhealthy interest in photography.